Friday, February 26, 2010

Book Cover: Killing the Water

It was pouring in Delhi that day...quite so that i even took a lift to get out of my apartment.. I felt it was the perfect day to do this cover. For i had the exact emotion in my mind and i knew i would be able to get it on paper. As a designer, i feel there are days you know when you know you are going to crack it. None of us want to miss it.

The title story "Killing the Water" runs across a family who constantly fight with water level entering their house. They try of all the methods to raise their ground level and build a new house.
Till then their pond breeds fishes, which is a source of their bread and butter but one day even the pond water fails to endure...

This is one of the covers that went ahead smoothly and the author liked it :-)

Attaching the author's comments here..
Wonderful. You did an amazing job with the cover. Everyone who's seen it has only had strong words of praise. I did receive my copies of the book and I'm very happy with the book.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lamp: Warli Festive Dance

Each hole is a thought, which when perforated on paper, radiates light which eventually forms a pattern. This pattern in turn reflects a feeling, a thought that perhaps makes the ugly beautiful. Try switching the lamp on in the rainy season, it's the perfect weather...

Handmade paper has been one of my favourite working materials. The density and coarseness of paper makes the product substantial. The pattern on this lamp is the Warli festive dance in the boundary and a wavy fish in the centre, floating in water. There are small-little holes incorporated within the design which form a separate pattern on its